All my friends from high school and college have long graduated and are currently enjoying a nice living: working and travelling the world. I still have a few years left and when my training is over I will enter the “real” world with over a quarter million US dollars in debt. When you tell a non-medical person that you are a doctor you automatically instill a sense of respect and a level of envy as the assumptiom is that doctors are making tons of money and are living an easy life.

I am starting this blog to share some of my experience as a resident. As I navigated the health system I learned all the ins and outs of surviving and making myself look good at any cost. However, as I continue my training I encounter more and more unhappy physicians. When asked whether they would still go into medicine and repeat everything all over again if you had a second chance, I hear an increasingly stronger “No.” In fact, more physicians are advising young students not to go into medicine unless they are absolutely sure, and even if they are, then to still choose something else.

The phrase “healthcare is not what it used to be” is heard more and more in the medical wards. Increasing malpractice lawsuits, documentation requirements, physician responsibilities, coupled with decreasing insurance reimbursements are some of the things that are on young and seasoned physicians’ minds.

Nowadays another epidemic is beginning to affect the medical community. It is called physician burnout, and it is steadily gaining more momentum. We are starting to hear more and more about it as this silent, but potentially deadly, state of mind is coming to light in the public’s eyes.

My goal in starting this blog is to explore PHYSICIAN BURNOUT and to share my personal experience with it, both from an inner and outer point of view. I also what to share how to prevent this malady from taking over your life and destroying what you have been building for a long time.

At the end of the day physicians are also human beings with feelings, desires, wants, needs and aspirations.

Introduction and First Post – PHYSICIAN BURNOUT

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