Let me start at the beginning! Why did I go into medicine? That’s a great question!

My family immigrated into United States in the mid ’90s from the Ukraine. Back home, as I used to call it, my mom was a very well-respected doctor, and naturally, her dream was that her son would become as well.

We came here not knowing a single word of English, however through hard work, determination and perseverance my parents were able to get great jobs and help put me through schooling and college.

A lot of people know that they want to be a doctor from early age. I liked science, research and new discoveries.

I had a childhood friend who died from Leukemia at a very young age, and I was really interested in doing cancer research. I actually spent an entire year working in a cancer research lab. And it was super boring! I mean I really hated it. Plus, who cares if I discovered some minuscule pathway of some biological mechanism. Patients were still dying out there in the REAL world. So, just like mom wanted I finally realized I wanted to be a doctor.

I started out by majoring in physics, however it soon became obvious that it was not my thing. Then I did the most logical next thing, changed my major to Biology with the option of doing “Pre-Med.” Looking back, it was not the smartest move, as everybody going into Medicine does Biology. Being a Biology major makes you “a dime a dozen” on the medical school application because everybody does it. The smarter ones choose some other major that interests them and then just take the required “Pre-Med” courses.

It was a long and hard four year of undergrad, but I graduated Summa Cum Laude and got into medical school.

  1. So to sum it up, I went into medicine because:
    my parents wanted me to be a doctor
  2. I had a childhood friend who died from Leukemia and I wanted to heal people
  3. I hated basic science research
  4. I could not think of any other thing I could go into

So this was my story of why I went into medicine. Stay tuned for my next post where I share the most common reasons for why people choose to become doctors.

Why did I go into medicine?

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