If you talk to anybody who is going, or is currently in the medical field, you will get a gazillion different reasons for why they want to be a doctor. Are there right and wrong reasons for going into medicine? Absolutely!

Everybody has their own personal experience and preconception that drives them to purse the coveted MD or DO. But, if you break it down to the basics, the main reasons for wanting to wear the white coat are:

  1. Burning desire to help others.
  2. Personal experience of being a patient or having had a friend/relative/parent who was ill.
  3. Having a parent or a relative who is a doctor.
  4. Craving prestige and respect that are associated with being a doctor.
  5. Wanting to make a ton of money.

Each of these, and their infinite variations have been discussed ad nauseam on countless blogs, forums, news articles and medical school applications. However, each of these is also associated with different personalities and motivations. And it is this last bit of information that is often overlooked, but I will come back to in the future.

Why choose to become a doctor?
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